Mozilla’s open source typeface Zilla Slab is available

Just over a week ago, Mozilla released their new identity typeface Zilla Slab under OFL (the Open Font License) and open sourced the UFO (Unifed Font Object) source files. Designed by Peter Biľak of Typotheque, Zilla Slab is now available for anyone to use.

Mozilla is conducting their identity design process in the open, so some designers (incuding me) have been looking forward to this typeface becoming available. I was surprised to see that had already happened on GitHub a week ago, and I didn’t really see any news about it.

Perhaps it’s forthcoming. In the meantime, I put together a small editable specimen for you to try out Zilla Slab:

Zilla Slab Light
Zilla Slab Light Italic
Zilla Slab Regular
Zilla Slab Italic
Zilla Slab Medium
Zilla Slab Medium Italic
Zilla Slab SemiBold
Zilla Slab SemiBold Italic
Zilla Slab Bold
Zilla Slab Bold Italic

Highlight Styles

The type family includes two additional highlight styles, which I didn’t show here. The new Mozilla identity uses quite a bit of knocked out (positive-on-black) text, including the logo. Adding styles to the type family that have already done properly will make it much easier to follow the Mozilla identity guide.

Examples of the new Mozilla identity using the highlight style of the typeface.
The pairing of Mozilla imagery and the highlight style of the typeface. Mozilla, Arrival, 2017.

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