I give talks about design and typography on the web—sometimes about meticulously cutting identical black-and-white paper squares, and other times he’s reenacting the prayers of a mid-16th century Parisian. If that sounds weird in a good way, email me about speaking at your event.

Upcoming presentations

Previous presentations and workshops

Video, transcript, or slides linked where available.

  1. Syntax Highlight Everything

    CSS Conf Asia 2016
  2. Web type specimens are web type specimens

    Words + Pixels workshop with Louder Than Ten
    Vancouver, BC
  3. Web type specimens are web type specimens

    Lost Type Lecture
    Philadelphia, PA
  4. Baskerville’s Characteristicks

    Type@Paris 2016 Final Presentations
    Paris, France
  5. Syntax Highlight Everything

    Front-Trends 2016
    Warsaw, Poland
  6. We don’t need no stinkin’ browsers

    JS.LA with Brock Whitten
    Los Angeles, CA
  7. Syntax Highlight Everything

    Lighthouse Speaker Series
    Lighthouse Labs, Vancouver, BC
  8. Minor Spacing Issues

    An evening with Lost Type
    Chicago, IL
  9. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    Cascadia JS & Cascadia CSS
    Blaine, WA
  10. Minor Spacing Issues

    Adobe Creative Jam
    Vancouver, BC
  11. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    Style & Class
    Vancouver, BC
  12. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    CSS Conf
    Melbourne, Australia
  13. No Solace in Béziers

    Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, BC
  14. Syntax Highlight Everything

    Code & Coffee
    Mobify HQ, Vancouver, BC
  15. From Goodwill to Engagement

    HxD Vancouver
    Vancouver, BC
  16. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    TypeCon2014: Capitolized
    Washington, DC
  17. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    Lighthouse Speaker Series
    Lighthouse Labs, Vancouver, BC
  18. Efficient Web Type, c. 1556

    Vancouver Web Performance
    Mobify HQ, Vancouver, BC
  19. Love Letter to Gradients

  20. From Goodwill to Engagement

  21. Designers Hate Whitespace

    CSS Brigade
    The HiVE, Vancouver, BC