“We design fonts”

“We build amazing experiences for businesses.”

You don’t need to visit many digital agency websites to come across a headline like this.

Perhaps they really do build amazing experiences. Will the person evaluating them have enough context for that, though?

For foundries, “We design fonts,” may or may not be the entire basis of your specialization.

I think by nature, ”We design fonts” is differentiated more than many design businesses. It is inherently more specialized than “design” or “graphic design” or even “typography.” But you can still end up sounding like you’re saying, “We build amazing experience for business,” which is to not say much at all.

If you are primarily differentiated from other design professionals through fonts, that might not be a differentiation once you are being compared to other foundries or type designers. Put another way, is “we design fonts,” specific or generic for your audience?

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