Cool URLs, and lukewarm leads

In a past message, I referenced this piece on Design Observer from 2007.

There, Michael Bierut links to a typeface called Novia by the talented Cyrus Highsmith—well, he attempts to.

Like, I’m sure, at least some other people over the last 15 (!) years, I clicked to see what it looked like. I was slightly confused to end up at the main Font Bureau page, rather than anything specific to do with the font.

Unfortunately, it seems like, after the reorganization/restructure of the site, and all links under it redirect to

What would ideally be happening, at least for someone looking to license Novia, would be that the link points to:

I have no behind-the-scenes insight into the migration that was done here, so maybe there is a strategic reason for everything to go to the main page that I’m not aware of.

Still, it was a good reminder that what should be long-life links pointing to a distributor may not make it back to you, or your font. (Maybe it is not quite accurate to call Type Network a “distributor” of Font Bureau, but I think the point still stands.)

Even one that might technically by a “cool UR[L],”—broadly speaking, a URL that doesn’t outright disappear—it might not end up point directly to your work.

Until next time,