Type designers packaging services

Selling custom type projects is one way to offer your existing skills as a type designer to potential clients.

It might feel the easiest to explain, but in practice each custom type project is unique. There are many people who might benefit from what you know about typography, who aren’t about to go out looking to commission a custom typeface.

I keep an eye out for type designers and lettering artists packaging their skills in novel ways for this reason.

One I came across recently is MySign Studio: mysign-studio.store.

MySign Studio is a team of calligraphers based in Florida, offering signature consultation, execution, and even tutorials in a set of clearly defined, publicly priced packages.

If you find them through this site, you have no question about what they do: they deliver this particular, incredibly focused package.

This studio might take on more traditional design projects under another name—but without investigating it myself, I don’t know. That isn’t on my radar as a potential client coming to this particular “door”: if I want to work with them, I choose one of their packages with a scope they have selected.

I came across their link when someone completely outside the design world posted about considering their services, which is likely exactly what they want. Perhaps that’s how clients might come to you, too?

They aren’t selling to a design audience, or to an audience that knows anything about calligraphy. Yet, they are using their existing calligraphy skills, perhaps even at a higher volume than they would under an agency business model.

I have two more examples of this coming in my next message, from people who refer to themselves as type designers, and do this a bit more transparently alongside their existing font products and custom type services.

Until next time,