Regina Black type specimen site

A demonstration of the Regina Black type specimen site.

Regina Black is a display typeface that’s both chunky and elegant, available in two styles from Charles&Thorn and Lost Type. Phaedra Charles and Kelly Thorn commissioned me to translate their static design into a responsive, interactive type specimen website.

Screencapture of the pricing section of the Regina Black type specimen site on a wide browser.
The Regina Black type specimen site in action.

Custom cursors

The first example shows what I sent Phaedra and Kelly, as an example of what we could do with a custom cursor. In this case, as the interaction designer and developer, this is essentially a sketch. They came back with some beautifully executed versions of the various cursor states, which you see on the second example, and final site.

Sassy manicules and tuscan-styled cursors? I couldn’t resist the charm of Regina Black’s microsite. Upon entering, I felt like I was catapulted into the 1970s with its warm color palette, and soft chunky type. The interaction here is subtle but a really nice nuanced touch — pay attention to the transforming cursor, it indicates whether something is clickable, or editable text.


Also make sure to take a look at where it has ended up, as collected by Charles&Thorn: Regina Black in Use.