SAD Mono

SAD Mono for SAD Mag

Drawing on physical and sci-fi influences, I designed a custom display typeface for the Space issue of SAD Mag .

Pamela Rounis and Lauren D Zbarsky revisit Stan Douglas’ Every building on 100 West Hastings photo. All photography in the magazine is with film.
“Starry Eyed” title
“All in your head” article spread.
“All in your head,” by Dallas Gawlick, paired with illustrations by Eva Dominelli.
Give its unusually sudden and unforseen appearance, unsanctioned street art surprises the unsuspecting commuter into participation.

The launch party

Each issue of the magazine is launched at a themed party. For this event, we used the typeface in a nod to a familiar science fiction title sequence. Then, we projected the content from some of the issue’s articles during the event. Take a look at the live version.

SAD Space Sequence projection, showing the letter from the editor.