Type designers packaging services, pt. 2

Another packaged service offered by a type designer is Signature Logo by Melvastype.

For a published price, expert type designer and lettering artist Mika Melvas will draw you a signature logo, delivered within 3 business days.

This creates an incredibly easy to understand design process for the purchaser—I submit a form, I select one of three sketches, maybe with a few sentences of feedback, and I get the read-to-use result.

It’s worth taking a look at how he’s set both of these up:

My expectation is that the process described on the landing page is how the service works: if I want to be more involved with the design process, have a call with Mika first, have different lockups for the mark—anything that breaks out of the established format or isn’t made directly for an “Individuals, Artists, Blogs, Freelancers and Small Businesses”—then I know it’s not for me, and I need to enquire about a custom project.

The current published price seems low to me relative to the value to the right customers, but that becomes part of the offering, too. A customer can afford to take a chance on this, where you might not on a custom project, without requiring the type designers to invest time into custom proposals or emails. 

You rarely even have to discuss scope, if the landing page has done its job.

The scale, convenience, or other aspect of this packaged service must make this worth it at this price for Melvastype, and therefore you’d imagine both parties leave happy.

I’m not suggesting all type designers do exactly this—but that this structure and how it aligns with Mika’s existing skills and advantages might give you an idea of how you might package an offering of your own.

Until next time,